3 More Awesome Workouts

Two weeks ago I put together a post that contained 3 workouts that you could do at home or the gym and required no kit. If you missed it you can read it here. I received a great response to it and heard from people that were trying them out and loving them! So with that in mind I thought I would give you another 3 workouts that you can do on your own without any kit. 3 More Awesome Workouts.

As before, remember to make sure that you have warmed your body up prior to starting. This will prevent you from picking up any niggly injuries that will affect you in the long-term. Make sure that you pay particular attention to the parts of the body that you are going to use within the workout and also mimic the kinds of movements you will be doing.

Time spent mobilizing joints and warming up is time well spent and you will reap the benefits.

Again, there is no kit required for any of these workouts but you could quite easily use some equipment if you would like. I will add some options for them as I explain each one.

So, buckle in and let’s get started.


Workout 1

3 more awesome workouts

I just love a good AMRAP (As Many Rounds As Possible) and I’m sure you will love them too (in time). If you haven’t come across an AMRAP before, all you need to know is that when you finished a round, you go again and again until you hit the 15 minute mark. I can assure you that the first 5 minutes seem to last a long time but your final 10 will fly by.

I have included a 1 minute wall sit between each element. This is just a squat hold with your back supported against the wall. This allows you to get down into a good position with your knees at 90 degrees. This will tire your legs in way that you haven’t felt before.

If you wanted to use some equipment and spice it up a bit, pick up a dumbbell or kettle bell and hold it in a goblet position. Or, for the hip thrusts, rest it on your lap.


Workout 2

3 more awesome workouts

This one is a real killer and will really tax your upper body and core. I have used the two variations of plank between each element much like I used the wall sit in the last workout. This will ensure that your core is put under extreme pressure throughout.

There are a few elements that may need some explanation.

A plank to press is moving from an elbow plank position to a press-up position and down again, one arm at a time.

A hand -walkout to press-up. Whilst standing, bend at the hips until your hands are on the floor. Walk your hands out in front of you until you are in a press-up position, do a press-up and then walk your hands backwards until you are standing again.

There are also a couple of variations that can help you if you find this one a bit too much. You can complete the press-ups either on your knees or leaning against something that won’t move, like a step.

You can also miss out the press-up section of the hand walkout.

I hope you like it, your tummy might not like it but will thank you in the long-term!


Workout 3

3 more awesome workouts

Another AMRAP.

I told you that I love them.

This looks really simple and it is. But, remember the more simple the movements are, the harder the workout is.

Every round you increase the Squats and the crunches by ten and the down ups stay the same. A down up for those that don’t know is essentially a chest to floor burpee without the jump at the end.

My tips for this are, don’t go too hard, too fast. It’s 25 minutes long and will soon bite you in the bum if you go off like a rocket at the beginning. Also, switch off that voice in your head that is telling you to stop for a break. Turn your music up and soldier on. It’s a killer but will be worth it in the end.



There you have it, another 3 workouts that should keep you busy for a while.


What are your favourite workouts? What would you like to see more of other workouts in the future? Let me know in the comments section below. Who knows, I could incorporate your ideas in the next set of workouts!


Be all you can be





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