Wolf Run 2018

Last week saw members of Fitbox Family taking part in what could be described as a “fun run” in sunny Warwickshire. There was a lot of “fun” had by everyone and so I thought I would change the pace a little this week and let you know a bit about Wolf Run 2018.


Although I described the Wolf Run as a “fun run”, others would be loathed to call it that. Instead they may call it by other more “choice” names.

If you haven’t ever heard of it before, it would be better described as a mud run or an Obstacle Course Race (OCR).

These types of races have become ever more popular in the past few years and have multiplied so much so that you can find at least a couple running somewhere in the country every weekend. There is also an OCR club that you can join that gives you discounted entry.

They vary significantly in difficulty, from having to break the ice on the lake before you swim and getting electrocuted as you negotiate fields of burning hay bales, to short runs around inflatable obstacles and having coloured powder being thrown at you.

There is a race for everyone and for all ages.

There is no excuse!


What Is It?

The Wolf Run has (I think) been running longer than most and is around about the middle of the road in terms of length and difficulty. Don’t get the wrong idea though, the Wolf Run will still bite if not taken seriously as I have seen several unfortunates being stretchered off from falls and trips.

I first tackled the winter version several years ago whilst I was in the Police Service and at that time was lacking in the fitness stakes.

I was given a ticket the night before as someone had dropped out at late notice and told where to meet the rest of the super fit Fire Arms Bobbies I was to run with.

I’d like to say that I matched their pace but I was soon dropped and left to run the course with just one other for company.

I still had fun though.


Fast forward a few years and a career change and I was to tackle the Wolf Run yet again, this time with my Fitbox Family.

That was last year and was a much more enjoyable process. I managed to get stuck in mud that came up to my ears and had to pulled out but we all had a really good time.


wolf run

Wolf Run Team Last Year


It didn’t really feel like we were running 10km as there was so much mud and the team work was great.

There were also a few people that didn’t think that they would be able to make it through the whole run, but they did.


This year

This year saw us at Wolf Run headquarters in Warwickshire for the last time as the HS2 development is cutting it in half. However, it won’t be moving too far away for next year.

For many of us, this wouldn’t be our first rodeo but I don’t think we were prepared for the heat on the day. As we set off, it was clear that this was going to be a problem at least until we hit a water obstacle. Very soon we were gasping and were a bunch of sweaty Urchins.

Also, due to the very dry summer, the ground underfoot was hard and uneven, a perfect mix for turning an ankle if you weren’t paying attention.

After what seemed an eternity we struggled into a lovely cool stream and managed to cool down a bit and carried on.


wolf run

The Only Mud We Could Find!


I think that because of the conditions and because there was very little mud left on the course, this year felt very much like an actual 10km run. This was my forth one and felt the longest and the most unlike an OCR.

I have to mention that the best part was still at it’s most enjoyable. The slide.


wolf run


wolf run

Team Work

Through amazing team work and some help from the safety canoeist on the lake we had to swim across, we managed to get around the course in just over two hours. I was happy as we all survived with relatively few injuries.

Sue managed to fall off a wall and was lucky to cut only her finger. I thought she was a hospital case when I saw her lying there. I managed to tear the palm of my hand crossing the monkey bars but I think the mud that got into it afterwards must have helped it to heal quickly.

Hats off to Paul and Hayley who both managed to complete the monkey bars and to Stuart who was absolutely on fire and lead from the front all day as I brought up the rear.

Everyone did so well and I’m extremely proud of my Fitbox Family for getting each other through it.

I’m still digging mud out of my…  ears and we’re already looking at booking again for next year!


Be all you can be



If you think you would like to be part of our Fitbox Family then get in touch. We don’t bite!


wolf run


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