Park Your Ego At The Door

I had a rude awakening yesterday.

I mean it was something that I knew was coming in my heart of hearts but yesterday that rude awakening smashed down my front door and screamed into my face!

As a fitpro (fitness professional) I should really know better as I share with my clients all the things we have learned through our training and all the hours of training that we deliver including; don’t run before you can walk.

Yesterday I did the exact opposite of that during a workout. I loaded up my bar in a room full non-fitpros and decided I should be able to lift more than them for quicker and longer.

As the workout started and we all set off at varying speeds, I quickly got left behind. The short rests between exercise elements got longer and longer and at the end of the 7 minutes I found that I had performed the worst and my technique had been thrown out of the window.

Why am I telling you about this? I should have all this nailed down tight, shouldn’t I?

At that moment, I realised 2 things.

Park your ego at the door

It’s OK to fail

Point 1 is pretty obvious, right? I’d just forgotten this and was trying to run the 100m when in reality I couldn’t even walk the 100m.
If only I hadn’t felt the need to load up that bar due to my ego, I would have gotten so much more from my session.

In the end, I think I made myself look a little bit silly.

On to point 2. It’s OK to fail; as long as you learn from your failure. That is the kicker. You have to learn from that failure.
You can’t beat yourself up, you will fail. But you must reflect back on what you did, pick yourself up and get back on the horse. This is the only way we make progress!

Nothing worth doing was ever easy and your health and fitness is a lifelong thing.

Keep doing it, park your ego and fail. Fail a lot!


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