Fitbox Boot Goes Live

So, Fitbox Boot went live on Saturday and was by all accounts a success. Even Steve Lewis a professional I shipped in for the day to help, managed to have a wonderful day, tripping over while running backwards and has or so I’ve been told pulled an oblique.

Altogether, AAAAHHHHHH.


man on floor at fitbox boot



I must admit that I was feeling a little stressed the night before as you never know if anyone will turn up, it will rain or I will forget what I was meant to be doing. Although there are massive benefits to training outdoors, like helping you to feel less stressed, soaking up the sunshine and it can make you feel better about yourself you never know if others will ‘get it’, take a punt and come down.





On the morning we were blessed by the god of sunshine and loads of people came (there should have had more but I supplied the wrong postcode to a couple) to be shouted at by myself and have their photos taken by my wife.





I want to thank everyone that did come. I had a really good time teaching the class and I look forward to teaching many more people in the future. As you can see by the photos and video, everyone that came had an awesome time as well!

If you are interested, Fitbox Boot runs every Saturday at 10am from Old Yardleians Rfc, Tilehouse Lane, Shirley, B90 1PW.

Taster sessions are free and there is no need to book!

Why don’t you try it? Bring a friend as well.




First published on Fitboxcompany in May 2016


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