8 Fitness Professionals Share Their Top Fat Loss Secrets


For this post I have something very special for you. I have cast my net far and wide and gathered some of the best fitness professionals at work in the UK to give to you their very best fat loss secrets.

Yes, you heard me right. Secrets.

These are the tips they share only with their own clients.

Ranging from diet to exercise to mindset it is my hope that everyone will be able to take at least one tip and use it to power them to the next level in their health and fitness journey.


You are in for a treat so get reading!


Make sure that you keep reading all the way to the end as I have a special treat you won’t want to miss.


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Julien says:


“Watch your diet and keep it balanced, avoid excess sugar and saturated fat and avoid losing weight too quickly because then it comes back twice as fast. Then, exercise! The longer you work, the more you begin to tap into your fat reserves, which is called lipolysis.”


Julien Lavault is the Founder and President of FizzUp a personal training app that helps you get fit through custom exercise routines. Meal plans and recipes.

FizzUp has taken the at-home fitness sector by storm since it’s UK release in October 2017. The fitness app has amassed more than 2.4 million users across 14 different countries and powered over 81 million workouts.


fat loss



fat loss



Inéne says:


“My top fat burning exercises are in order of importance

  1. The mountain climber. Start with this exercise that puts both your cardio and abs to the test. It’s perfect for any speed and fitness level. Those who are more advanced can do it at a faster pace to turn up the intensity and burn more calories.

  2. The squat thrust. The best exercise to try when you’re working your way up to burpees. This simplified, yet effective version of the burpee works all your muscle groups but isn’t as technically challenging.

  3. The sprawl. This squat thrust followed by a jump with you arms extended straight above your head. Let’s just say you’ll turn your cardio up a notch and excess calories don’t stand a chance with this exercise.

  4. The burpee. This is one of the most complete bodyweight exercises. Mastering the squat thrust and the sprawl first is what will make this exercise effective. Once you have mastered it, this exercise is on of fat’s worst enemies.”


Inéne Pascal is an Olympic finalist and workout experience expert at FizzUp.

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fat loss


Pollyanna says:


“To lose fat you must be eating in a calorie deficit.

While there are various ways to do this, all weight loss diets work by creating a deficit in some way. However, this can lead to hunger when you’re eating less food, which you can only ignore for so long before ‘falling off the wagon’.

One very effective way to prevent hunger is to eat a diet that revolves around protein and fibre. Protein from meat, fish, eggs, some dairy products and also good quality protein supplements are best, or Quorn and tofu for vegans. Vegetables are both high in fibre and very low in calories and are high in water which adds bulk.

Example meals could be an omelette with lots of vegetables, big chicken salad, Greek yoghurt with blueberries, or a steak, salmon or Quorn fillet with loads of veg.

Eating enough protein has the extra benefit of supporting muscle, which will help keep your metabolism high while eating less and as you lose weight.

The Government’s recommendations for protein intake are too low for active people, and most health professionals agree we should be eating much more than the advised 5 portions of veg and fruit a day.

Eating a diet rich in both has helped many of my clients lose weight without ever going hungry.”


Pollyanna Hale helps Mums get their body and their body confidence back with online programmes that fit around your schedule, from your home, without compromising a busy family life.






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Amandine Daigney says:


“Top weight loss tips:

  • Eat a healthy and balanced diet at every meal that includes complex carbs (brown rice and whole-wheat pasta) and vegetables

  • Cook as much as you can at home using fresh, wholesome ingredients

  • Avoid processed foods such as fast food and ready meals

  • Eat smaller portions than what you eat now to create a calorie deficit

  • Do regular physical activity, like the workouts in FizzUp”


Amandine Daigney is a FizzUp nutritionist and manages the app’s nutrition feature. She also writes nutrition for their blog.


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fat loss


Marita says:


“The best fat loss tip I could give you is without a doubt to work one specific muscle.

 Everyone including myself has this muscle and yet most of us do not realise we actually have it or that it requires any exercise at all.

What am I talking about?


Ok so you may not be able to see it like you can a quad or a bicep, however if you neglect to work on this part of your brain, you will almost certainly fail in your quest to lose weight alongside any other fitness goals you may have.

So why is it so important to get this right first?

Well when we tackle any project the manner in which we see the project makes a big impact on how we tackle it.

Now if I told you clean out a room that was full to the brim with junk such as that of a hoarder’s you would probably feel overwhelmed and avoid it.

But if I told you to remove 5 items a day from the room that would seem doable right?

And yet the task is still the same I have just given you a different perception of the challenge.

 Now back to mind-set.

If you are the type of person that can look at a situation and see the positive you are more likely to break things down into manageable junks and succeed, but if you have a negative mind-set you will most defiantly only see a challenge you perceive as too big to tackle and therefore will be more likely to fail.

So how do we work out this muscle?

Well we do so by practising positivity every day in every situation.

Write down daily 3 positives from that day.

Have a journal where you can record the things you like about yourself.

When things go wrong practice finding something that went right in the situation such as you did not get the job but know you know what types of questions they ask for this role that is a positive to get you closer to getting the job you love.

There are many ways to strengthen the muscle and these are just a few.”


Marita Moore

Empowerment coach and owner of Lotus Fitness Academy

Middle distance triathlete

We take a holistic approach to fitness, nutrition and wellbeing.



fat loss



fat loss


Valentin says:


“Having a plan is a must if you want to reach your goal. With FizzUp, you get a 360° workout plan that tracks the progress you make over time. To make progress, you have to stick to the appropriate, concrete plan, no matter what your goal is. Without a plan, your chances of evolving and knowing where you’re going are decreased.


If you do have one, losing weight is so easy, anyone can do it. You just need to find your routine and stick to it for several weeks or months until it is part of your lifestyle. Do some research on people who’ve successfully done this. To get into an effective routine, you should:


  • Burn more calories than you consume to create a calorie deficit (that’s pretty much all weight loss is!).
  • Eat high-quality carbs to fuel their workouts.
  • Exercise at least three to four times a week
  • Keep stress to a minimum and get enough sleep.
  • Get more active in your day. Walk, ride your bike, take the stairs or step up to a FizzUp Challenge!

This plan is simple, easy to follow and is absolutely fool proof IF you follow it. Forget about quick “miracle” solutions and make healthy habits a lifestyle.”


Valentin Raigue is a certified personal trainer and fitness/nutrition blog writer at FizzUp.



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fat loss


Mary says:


“As an experienced personal trainer, the one question I get asked the most is “Why can’t I lose weight?”

  1. Portion Control or Serving Size?

There is a difference. Quite simply, portion sizes quite often end up a lot bigger than serving sizes. So, if you’re trying to lose weight, it’s a good idea to weigh or measure your food and that way it will be a lot easier to calculate your calorie intake.

  1. Are You Doing Any Exercise?

It’s true to say that you can lose weight just by eating healthily but you can lose weight a lot sooner and more effectively if you’re moving your body.  Remember that you need to be expending more calories from activity than you’re consuming.

Making exercise or activity an important part of your daily life will ensure that you keep the weight off.

  1. Have You Reached a Plateau?

You may be exercising but unless you’re switching up the activity or changing your routine, your body will adapt, and you’ll stop seeing progress.

Making sure that your body is constantly challenged will keep you on top of your weight loss goals, so keep reviewing those exercises and increase the intensity.

  1. Muscle Is Heavier Than Fat

Converting fat to muscle is great for achieving definition and tone. You can achieve this by doing resistance work using a lighter weight and performing a high number of repetitions. The results may show that you haven’t lost weight because muscle is denser and heavier than fat. However, you will look and feel great, your clothes will fit better, and you’ll have a lower percentage of body fat.

  1. Are You Eating the Wrong Foods?

As obvious at this sounds, a diet high in sugar and fat will certainly make you gain the pounds so losing weight isn’t even an option. Include plenty of fruit and vegetables in your diet; in fact, it is now recommended to eat 10 portions of fruit and vegetables per day.

Maintaining healthy eating habits will keep the weight under control.

  1. Are You Staying Hydrated?

You may think that drinking water will make you feel heavy and bloated but it helps your body to stop retaining water, boost your metabolism, flush out toxins, cleanse your body, and can also act as an appetite suppressant. Studies have shown that drinking a glass of water before a meal can aid weight loss. Another tip is to drink a glass of water when you get a hunger pang. Quite often being thirsty is mistaken for being hungry so it may be that you just need a refreshing glass of water and not food.

It’s recommended to drink 8 glasses of water per day.  

  1. Mindset

This one isn’t so obvious, but it may be the reason for self-sabotaging your weight loss goals.

Is your relationship with food a healthy one? Do you just eat for the sake of eating or not caring about what or how much you eat? Does food have control over you? Do you think about it all the time? All these questions are linked to our mindset.

If you are a slave to what you eat, then it may be time to think about the situation in more detail.

Consider triggers like boredom, emotional factors, stress or worry.

  1. Have You Seen Your Doctor?

Sometimes, even if you’re doing all the right things and more, you may still struggle to lose weight. At this point, I would suggest to clients that they see their doctor, as there could be an underlying medical condition preventing them from losing weight.”


Mary is from North London and is founder and director of Breakthrough Fitness, providing personal training and Pilates instruction.

She’s been a YMCA qualified PT since 2005 and a STOTT Pilates instructor since 2009.

Her clients come from all walks of life and she loves the fact that everyone is a challenge because of their different needs.

E-MAIL: maryhuckle@gmail.com

WEBSITE: www.breakthroughfitness.co.uk

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/breakthroughfitness1/

TWITTER: @mary_huckle

INSTAGRAM: @maryhuckle


fat loss



fat loss


Well I couldn’t let you read all these tips without a little something from me, could I?

There is no doubt that for you to lose weight (fat) there are several factors at play. The fitness professionals above have hit almost all of the tips that I myself would say are essential.

One tip that was only briefly mentioned and is super important is sleep! The importance of giving your body time to rest and recover from your training and from life in general can never be overstated. If your fat loss has stalled, try looking at your sleep routine.

Getting a restful night’s sleep my be all you need to get the ball rolling again.


In this article I share with you my special sleep check list and tell you about how important sleep is.


I also want to leave you with a little workout that contains three of my favourite exercises that I’m sure you will all enjoy.

It’s a quick 20 minute As Many Rounds As Possible (AMRAP).

Please let me know how you get on with it in the comments section below.

Be all you can be,


fat loss


P.S. I want to thank all the folks that took time out of their busy work schedules to contribute to this article. Without them it wouldn’t have been possible to put together this great piece.



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