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Welcome to my blog and thank you for taking time out to read My Story page.


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I am married (to Sonia) with a son (Tom) and a “mad” dog (Woody) and own Fitbox – a health coaching business in Solihull in the West Midlands.


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Sonia & Tom

I guess I had better get stuck in and let you know a little more about me and how I ended up where I am today.


My Story: Early Years

I was raised in the very beautiful (and very wet!) Lake District in the North of England. My childhood was pretty active – lots of walking, mountain biking and all the other things that you can get up to on the fells and in the woods.

I was very lucky to have all the amazing places in the National Park at my disposal but job prospects were few and far between.


My Story: Merchant Navy

So, when I turned 19 I joined the Merchant Navy and spent five years sailing around the world. I travelled to some amazing places and worked my way up the ranks to Third Navigational Officer.

This was a very active role and I don’t mind saying that I looked pretty good in my White Suit. But I knew this wasn’t my ‘forever’ job.

After 5 years, I changed my Officer’s white suit for a different uniform altogether!


story, me on working stage

On a working stage in the Philippines


My Story: Police Service

I joined the West Midlands Police in Birmingham – an extremely vibrant and multi-cultural city which is a challenging but exciting place to police. I assumed various roles ranging from response officer, bobby on the beat to change management and Headquarters roles.

To cut a long story short, after a few years, I found myself with a couple of commendations and more than an extra couple of stones in weight.

How could I let things get so out of control?

All too easily.

Working night shifts, eating ‘fast-food’ at odd hours of the day; throw a new baby into the mix and my routine and body were in a bad place.

I… hate… this… picture…


Fat TRis story

Dancing away at my heaviest

My Story: Realisation

As the weight had been gained over a few years I hadn’t really noticed. Plus, I went to the gym a lot and would spend hours on the cross-trainer – so I must be fit right?


Obviously, this wasn’t enough to overcome the tub of Ben and Jerry’s I was eating almost every night.

One night, on my way up three flights of stairs to my police locker I found myself stopping at the top of each flight to catch my breath. It suddenly dawned on me that I was incredibly unfit, ridiculously overweight and I had to make a change.

From that moment on things were going to be different.


My Story: Change

How did I do it?

Well, once I had set my mind to it, the initial weight loss was fairly quick as I started to monitor what I was eating and cut out the ice cream.

I started to cycle to work 4 times a week  – 15 miles each way.

I was burning off way more calories than I was eating. My new found love of all things Bradley Wiggins led me to help form a police team that cycled from Land’s End to John O’Groats for charity.


my story Lands End

Land’s End


Within 4 months I had lost three and a half stones! Nevertheless, I wouldn’t say it was my healthiest time.

I looked painfully drawn in the face. As my mum will tell you!

In fact, I didn’t look well at all. So, I headed towards a more strength-based fitness regime and went from a skinny figure into a more athletic build.

This suited me a whole lot better.


My story police pic

With my team after I lost weight

My Story: The Next Stage

My new regime, coupled with a growing disillusion of an ever changing police service drove me to make my biggest leap of faith to date. I realised I wanted to help others to do what I had achieved myself.

I decided to retrain as a health coach. So, I studied and gained qualifications in personal training, spin and kettlebells, became a BTN nutritionist coach and spent 12 months honing my skills at a highly respected, independent gym.

It doesn’t stop there as I am currently studying to become a sports massage therapist.

On to Fitbox…


My Story: Fitbox

In 2016 I established Fitbox – my very own Health and Fitness business.


story me

Me… Happy


But why?

Above all else, I wanted to create a fitness family.

I believe that I have a very clear set of values that set me apart from your typical gym. I care about each and every person that I train and want them to lead a healthier and happier life.

At Fitbox I deliver 1 to 1 and small group training as well as outdoor bootcamps. I am very lucky to have an amazing group of clients that we call Fitbox Family and we are growing all the time.


Story bootcamp

My first Bootcamp


This all sounds rather rosy, doesn’t it?

Believe me, I have had my fair share of ups and downs along the way and I’m sure there will be many more.

But I know that the love and support of my wife, son and dog will keep me on the straight and narrow.


My Story: The Future

One of the ways I reach out to people is through my blog. I love writing and using this to help to motivate people to lead healthier lifestyles.

I guess that’s why you are reading this right now.

If you are interested in becoming part of the Fitbox family I really would love to hear from you.

Be all you can be


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…I love Fitbox and PT and I’m not the only one. Fitbox came along in such an important time in my life, as it did for the other guys… and has got lots of us through difficult times. It is so much more than just exercise. You have created a family and a safe place…



my story dog

I had to have a picture of Woody!


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