3 Steps To Success

Last Saturday I did something that people probably wouldn’t expect me to do. I went with my wife and a friend to watch The Sound of Music at the theatre. To be honest, I wasn’t overly looking forward to it but I fancied a night out with family.

The seating was a little cramped and after we found that we were sandwiched between two women dressed as nuns and a long line of women all wearing “doh, ray, me” t-shirts we settled down to await the start of the show.

As the curtain lifted the opening bars of “The Hills Are Alive” were heard and we became quiet in anticipation. Within seconds however I could tell that others around us were not going to be so quiet.

The nuns began to sing the wrong words rather loudly, the long line of women the other side would whisper to each other what was about to happen and someone way out in back began to sing so raucously that I could hear them over the band and the actors. I think some there had come thinking it was sing along Sound of Music! Sonia (my wife) was beginning to a bit annoyed and I will admit it was a bit distracting.

“Find your motivation. I’m not going to pass judgement on or dictate what this should be. It has to be strong and it has to be personal to you or you will become distracted.”

You might be thinking “what has this to do with fitness and motivation?” Well I have an ability when there is rubbish going on around me to concentrate on what’s happening in front of me. It’s like a tunnel vision/hearing that just focuses on what I want to the occlusion of everything else. This is what I did during the rest of the performance and when the complaints came about noise, I have didn’t really have any. I had blocked it out.

Making a change for good in your life is always difficult with all the distractions around you. From picking the kids up from school, cooking dinner, going shopping, work, the stress from the boss, not sleeping properly there’s always something to distract you and your long term goal.


So let’s break that down so it’s easy

  • Find your motivation and work out what your goals are
  • Develop the ability to occlude all distractions that are around you, allowing you to focus on those goals
  • Finally have a network around you be that family, friends, community or professionals that give you support, keep you accountable and give you a hand when you need it

Let’s look at each one a little deeper.


Find your motivation.

I’m not going to pass judgement on or dictate what this should be. It has to be strong and it has to be personal to you or you will become distracted.

Like I did at the theatre, you have to develop that tunnel vision to keep you on track which will also help you to be strong and stay steady even when those around you have lost their heads and can’t do the same.

Even if you have the power to focus fully on the end of the tunnel it takes a lot of energy to keep it up, even the strongest can’t do this forever. I only had to do it for a couple of hours and after that I was tired. To beat this, you need a good support network. I can’t overstate this enough as you need family or friends that are behind you, a group or community or a professional that will make sure you are motivated and hold you to account when you wobble and to help you back on that wagon when you fall off.

These 3 simple points will help you to develop a mind-set that will take you forward and achieve your goals.

Keep it simple



This was first published on www.fitbxcompany.co.uk in June 2016


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