My 12 Minute Body Weight Workouts Take You To The Next Level

There are three things that I find personally very hard to contend with when it comes down to my own health and fitness routine. The first is that I find it really difficult to find time to fit in the amount of training that I would like to. Secondly, I don’t always have the kit available to me to complete a workout and want a simple body weight routine. And lastly, I sometimes struggle with knowing what to do. Yep, I know that sounds weird.  A health coach that struggles with knowing what to do but to be honest, I do.

If you are anything like me and I know you all are because I’m human as well, you all  have the same struggles.

So, with that in mind, I have put together three workouts that take 12 minutes each, need no equipment (except for a mat if you have a tender bottom) and are already done for you. Can’t say fairer than that, can I?

Also, I forgot to mention that they will test you.

So, hang onto your pants and let’s dive in.


body weight


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12 Minute Build Up

This is exactly as it says on the tin. This 12-minute workout starts with one repetition of each exercise and increases by one for every other round afterwards. This is very core-centric and will test your arms and chest as well.

Alternate Shoulder Tap – Get into a press up position and with one hand, tap your opposite shoulder. A tap from each hand counts as one repetition. You want to ensure that your hips don’t swing too much and your tummy is tight.

Hand Walk Out – You start this move in the standing position. From here you lean forwards onto the floor and using your hands “walk forward” until you are in the press up position. You then back it up until you are standing again. Simple.

Press Up – Can be done on your knees, ensure that your core is tight throughout.

Crunch – Lie on your back. By bending your knees bring your feet towards your bottom. From there you simply reach your outstretched hands towards the ceiling and lift your head and shoulders from the floor. Make sure that you do this by crunching your stomach rather than reaching with your head and neck.


body weight


12 Minute Core Blast

This little core work out will almost certainly make you ask questions about just how strong your core actually is.

It consists of 6 exercises. You carry out each exercise for 40 seconds before you have a 20 second rest and move onto the next exercise.

You simply repeat this to complete the full 12 minutes. If you are feeling brave then you can always keep going until you can’t do anymore!

Let me know how you get on.

Oblique Crunch – Assume the crunch position but this time you reach with one hand across your body towards your opposite heel.

Leg Flutters – Lying on your back and keeping your legs straight you point your toes and flutter your legs. You have to make sure that your lower back is pushed into the floor and not allowed to lift. Keep your stomach braced and tight. To make to more difficult, you can lower your feet closer to the floor. To make it easier, simply raise your feet towards the ceiling.

Toe Touches – Lying on your back, straighten your legs until they are at 90 degrees to your body. Using your hands crunch up and try to touch your toes. Remember to crunch using your stomach and to keep your legs straight.

Alternate Leg Extensions – Again, lying down, bring your knees into your chest. Just extend each leg, one at a time until they are straight and bring it back again. Keep you lower back pressed to the floor.

High Plank With Reach – Press up position and taking turns, reach each hand forward like you are trying to tap something just out of reach.

Elbow Plank – Come on, you have all done one of these before. Just ensure that your feet are together and you clench your butt. Easy.


body weight


Four In 12!

This little 12-minute finisher will give you a kick in the butt. Just ensure that you don’t go off too quickly or you will really hit the wall, fast.

Start with one repetition of each exercise and just increase by one and keep going for the whole 12 minutes.

I don’t think that I really need to explain these exercises, so I won’t!


I hope that you all use these ready-made workouts and enjoy them.


If you have a go, then please let us know how you get on by leaving us a comment below.

Also, if you have any requests, then again, let us know what they are in the comment section. I’m always ready to help.


Be all you can be




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